Being a part of Kappa Alpha Theta starts in college, but it doesn't end there. The good friends, the laughter, the loyalty—everything that makes Theta the wonderful experience it is—that's for a lifetime.

Kappa Alpha Theta has nurtured each of us through our college and alumnae days. Through times both dark and bright, the first Greek-letter fraternity for women has supported us.

In turn, there are many ways to support our Fraternity. Becoming a Life Loyal member is one of them. Believing in the true worth and merit of Kappa Alpha Theta, Life Loyal members have chosen to remain linked to our sisterhood long after their college years. Through the Life Loyal program, they are committed to helping Theta foster dear friendships and nurture hopes and dreams for generations to come.

Together we are sisters linked heart to heart by vows of friendship and support. Together we are loyal to the ideals and traditions of the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women.

8740 Founders Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
Phone 800-526-1870